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Proofpoint Essentials is specially designed to meet the needs of smaller enterprises (SMEs). Proofpoint is a proven and reliable filtering system with Email Continuity and Archiving to provide a full-featured solution for enterprise-level email security and disaster recovery. 

Email Security

Advanced threat protection

Proofpoint Essentials email filtering is powered by Proofpoint MLX, which uses specialized algorithms and machine learning to detect the latest threats, including spam, viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and more. The Proofpoint Essentials system analyzes over one million attributes to ensure highly effective protection with a low false positive rate.

Flexible Rules and Content Filtering

Proofpoint Essentials allows users to manipulate select variables to customize their filtering. For example, messages can be filtered based on message size, country of origin or destination. Rules can be applied to individual users, groups, or the entire organization. Administrators can set additional content filters on parameters such as subject line, body or header content, sender or recipient, and attachment type. Filters can be applied to outbound messages as well for policy enforcement and data security.

Outbound Protection and Data Security

In addition to custom outbound filtering, Proofpoint Essentials provides options for adding disclaimers to fulfill compliance guidelines. All messages that pass through the Proofpoint system are logged, providing message traceability and chain of custody.

Email Continuity

Emergency Email Access

The Proofpoint Essentials Emergency Inbox is always accessible and automatically activates in case of mail server downtime. Users can access the Email Continuity service through a webmail client. All messages sent and received will continue to be scanned according to all content rules set by the organization. In addition, all metadata is preserved in its original state.

Instant Replay

Proofpoint Essentials provides a special Instant Replay feature that allows users to recover any emails received in the last 30 days. So for example, if an email was accidentally deleted from the mail server, it can be recovered from the Proofpoint system with a simple click of a button. This feature can really save time for system administrators and gives end-users greater control over their email management.

Email Archiving

Secure and Accessible Storage

Archiving with Proofpoint Essentials means that data is stored offsite and secured by encryption so that it cannot be changed or manipulated. A separate encryption key is used for each email user. In addition, the archive can be accessed via the Internet from anywhere in the world and stores up to ten years of email history.

Email Journaling

Email journaling creates a copy of every outbound, inbound, and internally delivered message within the organization. The copies are stored in the email archive, providing an invaluable record of all message transactions within the company.

Advanced Search with Access Control

Proofpoint Essentials Archiving includes advanced search features for fast retrieval of emails and attachments. The system also allows administrators to control who has the ability to search the email archive. Users can have access to their own email history, and select administrators can be given authority to search organization-wide. Moreover, administrators can audit who has been searching or attempting to access the archive and when.


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