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Google terminated all Postini services on June 15, 2015. The filtering service has been combined into the G Suite (Google Apps) offering.

Webservio offers G Suite (Google Apps) service in addition to a wide selection of other email security options, including Mimecast, Proofpoint, and SpamWeeder Premium. We also offer a Postini Migration service for anyone still on the old Postini system.

Please contact us if you are unsure which solution would be best-suited to meet your company's requirements or if you have any other questions.


Postini Email Security Diagram

Postini Email Security® (Inbound Filtering)

As spamming becomes increasingly sophisticated, basic spam protection packages can no longer filter out the massive attacks that mail servers undergo. Spam and other messages with harmful content are costly to your organization. They decrease employee productivity and increase security risks and legal liability. The Postini Email Security solution reduces your risks and lets your employees get back to work.

Postini Email Security provides email server security by using an accurate filtering system with multiple layers of threat protection. By using Postini, the leading technology on the anti-spam market, you prevent over 99% of spam, viruses, and phishing from ever entering your network.

Postini Enterprise Email Security Diagram

Postini Enterprise Email Security®
(Inbound and Outbound Filtering

If your organization requires Mail Bagging (a.k.a. MX failover), outbound message filtering, and/or Transport Layer Security (TLS), Postini Enterprise Email Security is the solution you've been searching for!

Since email is fast becoming the most widely used form of business communication, primary mail server outages due to maintenance, power failures, system crashes, or capacity overloads can be quite costly. In addition, companies should be increasingly concerned that sensitive or confidential data may be exposed from within via email. These security breaches can potentially cause your organization to lose its competitive edge and reputation. The legal ramifications could be disastrous. With Postini Enterprise Email Security, cutting edge technology provides your organization with the ultimate in threat protection from the outside world and from within.

Directory Server Synchronization

Both Postini Email Security (inbound filtering) and Postini Enterprise Email Security (inbound and outbound filtering) offer Directory Server Synchronization. This is a valuable utility that adds, deletes, and moves your users in the filtering service to match the user directory on your LDAP server. When you synchronize, changes on your LDAP server are reflected in Postini's message filtering service. For more information, please view the Directory Server Synchronization article.

Additional Options

Webservio customers can combine our Mail Bagging and Email Continuity services with Postini filtering. In the event of a mail server outage, you will have the assurance that all your valuable emails will be saved, and you will be able to maintain email communication during server downtime. To learn more about how this complete solution could become part of your business continuity plan, please view Email Continuity.

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