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Mail Bagging MX Backup Diagram

Have you ever gone out of town and forwarded your mail to the post office until you return? Our Mail Bagging (a.k.a. email spooling) solution acts in much the same way by allowing you to forward your email messages if your mail server becomes unavailable.

When your email server is unavailable, Mail Bagging (MX Backup) stores the emails sent to your mail exchange (MX) server and sends them to you when your system is back online. What's more, our SpamWeeder gateway system filters any blatant incoming spam and viruses from all bagged messages! You may also choose to upgrade to one of our other spam filtering options.

If your mail server goes down and you don't have a Mail Bagging service, any emails sent to your employees will bounce back to the sender as undeliverable. Our MX Failover solution prevents emails from bouncing back!

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