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Moving data from any environment to Office 365 is a truly complex process.  No matter which method you choose, you’ll have to do a lot of planning and you’ll have to be ready for bumps along the way.

You’ll need to determine what kind of data you want to move and how much time you’re willing to spend on moving it to Office 365. A dedicated Webservio Migration Specialist can help you determine the answers to these questions and provide an essential migration plan to ensure the success of your Office 365 migration.

Your customized migration roadmap will include:

  • Inventory of the types of devices in your infrastructure and which devices (and therefore users) will have access to Office 365. This includes PCs, Macs, servers, tablets, and phones.
  • A list of any existing customizations and data that may not be suitable for migration.
  • A migration schedule that includes a test migration with just a few users
  • The proper migration type for your organization. This can include hybrid, cut-over, staged, or third party.
  • Budget, scheduling constraints, goals, and deliverables will also be included in your migration roadmap.

Complete our migration form on the right and safely adopt Office 365 as your organization’s communication and productivity suite in the cloud!

What Do We Migrate?

  • User Profiles - No Active Directory re-creation required!
  • Mailboxes - Email and data from virtually all platforms!
  • Files - Everything from SharePoint to shared folders! Additional fees may apply.
  • Office 365 - Move existing Office 365 tenants from an existing provider!
Office 365
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