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Shared mail server environments have become obsolete. Utilizing cutting edge virtualization technology, small to medium-sized organizations are discovering the benefits and cost-effectiveness of moving their shared email server accounts to more secure virtual private server (VPS) platforms. These platforms provide many benefits over their shared mail server counterparts:

  • A VPS platform provides your company with an email server exclusively dedicated to handling your organization's email. This means that you'll never have to deal with other users/customers' actions slowing down the mail server.
  • You can dictate how and when your VPS is accessed by utilizing customized security policies
  • A VPS environment can be "locked down" to only accept incoming email traffic from the anti-virus/spam filtering service you choose.
  • IzzyMail costs a fraction of what it would take for your company to maintain its email system in-house, including:
    1. Purchase of server
    2. Purchase of a firewall or anti-virus/spam filtering software and necessary upgrades
    3. Compensation of IT staff for time spent on maintenance and updates of the email system
    4. Cost of electricity needed to run additional equipment
    5. Cost of additional Internet bandwidth required to efficiently run the mail server
Scalable and Customizable
  • Increase the size of the VPS server at any time.
  • Add your company logo to the Web-based interface.
Easy to Use
  • Izzy Mail provides you with a simple, Web-based administrative interface to quickly complete management tasks, such as adding or removing users.
  • Email users can add contacts by importing them in VCard (.vcf) format.
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