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Intel Security Announces McAfee SaaS End of LifeIntel Security has announced an official End of Life for the complete McAfee SaaS Security Suite, including Nuvotera (SpamSoap),  and has released an official last day of service date of January 11, 2017.

This transition is part of Intel's long range strategic plan to create an integrated system that delivers faster protection, detection, and correction.  Security solutions for the endpoint cloud, threat detection, management and all data traveling in between have become the company's focus.  This new emphasis on endpoint cloud security required exiting other product areas including McAfee SaaS email security solutions.  The bottom line is that this shift will impact millions of McAfee SaaS Email Security and Nuvotera (SpamSoap) customers in the next year.

The solution is Webservio.

Webservio has stayed abreast of Intel's plans and offers a stress-free and seamless migration from McAfee SaaS Email Security solutions to one of our alternative services. With a solid track record of migrating customers from McAfee, we deliver an easy migration process that takes the pain out of moving away from Intel’s McAfee SaaS platform. Webservio offers many anti-spam filtering services, including Proofpoint Essentials and Mimecast Unified Email Management. We can consult with you to ensure you choose the best option for your organization.

A stress-free McAfee SaaS migration is just the beginning.

Webservio consultants and engineers have extensive experience with McAfee SaaS migration, ensuring it can be a smooth process for you. Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants about your options.

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