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For most businesses today, email service is as essential as electricity or a phone connection. Without a dependable email solution, your organization’s growth and productivity could be severely hindered. For that reason, Webservio offers only the most reliable hosted email solutions that maximize uptime and security while minimizing costs.

Choosing to use hosted email instead of managing your mail server(s) in-house can save your organization money, increase productivity of your IT staff, and provide you with better email uptime. It gives you a predictable monthly payment for email service rather than the fluctuating costs of utility bills (for energy use by the IT infrastructure), increased bandwidth usage, equipment repairs or upgrades, and time spent troubleshooting or installing patches/updates.

Choosing to use Webservio gives you access to our online FAQs and support knowledgebase, in addition to live support via online chat or phone during business hours. Your email will be hosted on a secure server in one of our state-of-the-art data facilities with controlled access and 24/7 monitoring. Since Webservio also provides multiple spam filtering options, MX backup, email continuity, and other hosting services, it is easy to find all the solutions you need in one place.

Currently, we have two hosted email options:

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