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Webservio Email Continuity featuring Postini

Webservio Email Continuity Enterprise Solution

Webservio Email Continuity features Postini Email Security® or any of our other spam filtering options. Email continuity will ensure you can maintain business continuity by being able to send and receive emails during any primary mail server outage.

Disaster preparation and disaster recovery are becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes. Webservio Email Continuity is compatible with any type of mail server, giving you complete protection against email interruption.

Google Message Continuity®

Google Message Continuity

Note: Google discontinued Message Continuity in 2012.

Google Message Continuity® is a solution provided by Postini and Google Apps. It uses Gmail to provide backup email service for your Microsoft® Exchange server and Postini to provide continuous spam filtering.

Google Message Continuity is a disaster recovery solution that enables you to use Gmail as a backup mail server during planned and unplanned outages. To make this work, Gmail stays in constant synchronization with your Exchange server. If your primary mail server goes down, employees can simply log into their Gmail accounts to send and receive emails.

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