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Email Continuity Benefits

Whether you choose Webservio Email Continuity or Google Message Continuity, there are many benefits to having an email backup solution as part of your business disaster recovery plan.

Send and receive emails when your mail server is down.

  • Research indicates most small and midsize organizations experience more than 40 hours of unplanned email downtime every year. Some of these outages last more than 24 hours. Having email continuity ensures server downtime will not bring your company's operations to a standstill.

Protect your business interests and reputation.

  • Because email is mission-critical to your organization, any downtime can result in serious consequences—deadlines get missed, orders cannot be processed, and vital communications are interrupted. Not only does downtime affect your day-to-day operations and workforce productivity, it also puts your organization’s reputation, financial performance, and, ultimately, business success at risk.
  • Without an email continuity or mail bagging service, an outage of your mail server would cause all emails sent to your business to bounce back to the senders. This would confuse customers and business partners, and it could cause the loss of sales or other business deals. Prevent bounced emails with our message continuity and mx backup solutions!

Email continuity allows IT to focus on the cause of the outage.

  • Instead of wasting time implementing temporary solutions (e.g. MX repoints), your IT staff can work to resolve the real issue. This saves your organization time and money.
  • Once service to the primary mail server is restored, original incoming messages and copies of all messages sent from the Email Continuity system are automatically routed back to your mail system.


Overcome email server failures, stay on-task and protect your entire organization with Webservio Email Continuity or Google Message Continuity.

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